Friday, 26 August 2011

Tasty summer treats to feast your eyes on: JONATHON KAMBOURIS' latest Portfoilo

It's summer's last Bank Holiday and tourists everywhere will find an excuse to champion the great must-have holiday acccessory that is THE ICE CREAM. A symbol of sweetness, happy satisfaction and sunny vacations, come rain or shine or destination; it holds all the key ingredients to make it a summer staple worldwide. Popular without question, but who would've thought our favourite treat in a cone could be so, well, fashionable

Jonathon Kambouris' latest photographic portfolio is so beautifully tasty that I defy you not to have a sweet craving for the good stuff.  This series sees the Brooklyn based photographer present us with lavish frozen delights dripping in sparkling sauces and sprinkled gems; a fair cry from your 'one scoop vanilla and a flake please'! Each ice cream shines with its own decadent uniqueness, with the inspiration for the ingredients and nail design coming from different countries around the world.

India: Mango ice cream, gold and silver sugar crystals, orange peal, cinnamon stick
Despite retaining an ice cream/cone/hand brief, the bright colours, gorgeous summer nails, geographic influences and decandent simplicity that Kambouris uses to portray this summer staple via the medium of art, soon turns the ordinary into a deliciously extrodinary display of summery indulgence.

As a result the culinary porfolio goes a long way in demonstrating the importance of presentation and art through food. As a food lover himself, Kambouris firmly reiterates the powerful ability of art and photography to manipulate consumer appeal. Hungry yet??

Morocco: Strawberry and lavender ice cream, mixed berries berry syrup drizzle, turmeric mint leaf garnish 
South Africa: Cinnamon and chocolate ice cream, fudge caramel chocolate toffee, cookie crumble
Greece: Pistachio ice cream, fresh chopped pistachios, honey drizzle, lemon peal
Japan: Green tea ice cream, black sesame seeds, ginger syrup drizzle, candied ginger

Food Stylist: Ed Gabriels
Manicurist: Honey
Producer: Sally Berman/Run Red Creative
Hand Model: Lareysa Smith

For a darker insight into JK's culinary works, check out his 'Last Meal' portfolio, which visually documents the face and last meal of convicted killers.

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