Thursday, 27 October 2011

FEATURED BANGS: Francoise Hardy

'BANG: A fringe of hair cut short and straight across the forehead. Often used in the plural’.

'BANGS: The practice of cutting horses' tails the same length was called "banging off," which led to this term for a woman's hairstyle'.

Whatever the linguistic origins, there are some personable icons of the 'bangs' that need little research, with their unabashed influence now steeped in popular culture.

With a musically influenced origin that dates back to the ninth century, to their controversial, rebellious resurgence in the 20s, Bangs are now most often associated with the rock n roll, rebellious girls of the 60s, whose fringed haircuts denoted their particularity of music, fashion and lifestyle. 

From Marie Quant to Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg to Pattie Boyd, every girl has their favourite sixties heroine. However October's kudos goes to the très-chic Francoise Hardy, whose bangs, music and style have stood the test of time to make this French singer and actress a key purveyor of sixties cool. Thanks to her doll-like beauty, impeccable dress, relaxed bangs and laid-back attitude (and rock star husband of course!), she's the obvious choice for the first 'Featured Bangs'. Classic forever, love her!

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