Saturday, 4 December 2010

Listening to... 'RAISE YOUR WEAPON' - Deadmau5 (feat. Greta Svabo Bech)

Deadmau5 does mau5step.

I've always 'liked' Deadmau5, but that's about as far as the love goes. A good listen, a fail-safe, an artist I would go to see-maybe-never mind if not, that was about it. Until now.

It's not often you get what can only be described as the gawking, incredulous, stop-in-your-tracks 'omg...what is this song I need to know it and now!' moment. You know the one I mean.

'Raise your Weapon' is taken from Deadmau5' new album, '4x4=12', which is due for release on 6 December.

This single represents a new approach from the Canadian man behind the mask; forget the autotuned, powerhouse-electro beats of Ghosts N Stuff for now.

'Raise Your Weapon' is nothing short of musical mau5 progress; soft piano chords to draw us in towards Bech's emotive, hypnotizing vocals, which sear alongside balladic house beats before giving way to the grittier side of dubstep. 

Yet while it's structure sounds musically complex, the real beauty of the song is it's ability to remain utterly simplistic.

The bass is dropped but it's not textbook; admittedly it's heavy but it's not as overcooked as it so easily could've been. Deep, laid back 'mau5tep', with a scattering of mimimal-house aesthetics if you listen carefully, and somehow the vocals still cut it. It remains thoughtful. It remains raw. 

Ripping my heart was so easy, so easy. 
Launch your assault now, take it easy.
Raise your weapon, raise your weapon, one word and it's over. 

Ripping through like a missile, ripping through my heart
Rob me of this love
Raise your weapon, raise your weapon and it's over

How does it feel now to watch it burn, burn, burn?

If dubstep offends you, maybe sit this one out. Otherwise, sit back. Press play. Have a gawk.

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