Monday, 29 August 2011

The Book Of Skulls

Prêt à Porter by Télégramme

 From the beautiful and the colourful to the cheeky and downright disturbing, Faye Dowling's 'The Book Of Skulls' takes us on a pictorial skull-fuelled journey, depicting the various meanings, interpretations and portrayals of this timeless human symbol. 

From the crystal skulls of Aztec civilastions to Shepard Fairey's controversial 'Obey' skull, and everything in between, Dowling explores the iconic status that the skull has acheived via a pletheora of expressive realms. Fashion, oil paintings, sculpture, tattooing or street art; skulls of all shapes and sizes are still representing themselves the world over, and you don't need a shovel and help from time team to discover to them.

Miss July by Paul Insect

Depths by Craig Robson

Nom Omnis Moriar by Stephanie Henderson

Damien Hirst All Over My Body by Miss Bugs

Le Visage de Vanitas by James Hopkins

The General (Hungry for Unrest) by Richard Fairhead

Mathis Rekowski

Ace of Spaces from the Plura Culture series by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

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