Friday, 24 June 2011

Embracing that Friday feeling... with a Bear Hug

TFI Friday.

The longest day may have been and gone, with summer days still seeming like a promise undelivered (although this Sunday might put a smile on your face..!) But the good news is that it's the weekend and I defy not to have your Friday swag on after a bit of quality time with the 'Bear Hug'.

This cheeky house tune from The 2 Bears (aka Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and Raf Daddy of Greco Roman Sound System/MOS radio fame), sees digitised monotone vocals set over infectious, robotic house beats for a truely stripped back, summer-infused piece of repetitive minimal goodness. But it's the cutesy lyrics ironically opposing this straight setup that really give it humour, character and sustenance:

“All you out there on the floor, gonna get you in my paws and give you a bear hug.”

“It gets lonely in the woods but right now I’m here in the hood, let’s have a bear hug.”

A dead-cert summer anthem thanks to it's memorable, laid back, uplifting groove that evokes wishful dreams of balmy sunsets on the white isle or exotic bevvies on the golden sands of Barca. We can but dream, but for tonight I guess I can make do with a few friends, a few beers and plenty of bear hugs.

Bear Hug was officially released this week on Southern Fried Records and is the third track to be taken from their debut Bear Hug EP. For more offerings from The 2 Bears check out their soundcloud here.

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