Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sunshine, Surf... money in the bank??

 The Great British Summer is such as tease! You spend the majority of the year wrapped up in woolies dreaming of hazy summer days, only to be presented with a fair share gale force winds, showers, chilly beach days and flat surf when the time comes. 

I've been back from a season in the Alps for a couple months now and although I was bombarded with updates of the heatwave back home while I was away (why do people always tell you how good home is when you go abroad??), my return has, predictably, gone hand-in-hand with the disappearance of said premature summer. And with last weeks predicted heatwave no-show, I'm expecting to have to wait more than a little longer for it's return...

Not your average day in Blighty
  For most the idea of actually living out that dream summer, whether in Cornwall or Costa Rica, is a wistful but financially costly one. Fortunatley I've had the chance to get my research on with several different companies from around the world and come up with some pretty cool temp jobs, at home and abroad, that will get your wallet by while you have the summer of your life. From teaching english, oudoor activities or lifeguarding, to working at surf camps and hostels, hopefully you can decide where you want to go and how to make it work. For my full article check out this months SurfGirl magazine section on how to work a surf season, combining good times, good waves and a pay cheque too! Hope you like it.

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