Saturday, 30 October 2010

Listening to... 'ON THE LAM' - Kele

I'm not going to lie, I am a MASSIVE fan of Kele, so this post may leave some musical objectivity at the door. But if you haven't yet heard the third single from the Bloc Party frontman's debut album, 'The Boxer', have a listen asap.

'The Boxer' album whilst not entirely removed is a clear progression from Kele's indie-rock roots thanks to a distinct electronic buzz throughout. Single 'On The Lam' takes things one step further. 

 The single makes its entrance with laid back vocals set against pulsating repetition and jagged beats, with drum kicks soon dropping into a grimy bassline of a chorus. Curiously even his distinctive bold vocals are digitally altered, to a higher tenor. 

For some his comprehensive electro-makeover may rather compromise the poetical intensity that we could have expected from a Bloc Party performance. However I think his 'new-wave' approach works here and on so many levels, because it does not detract from passionate melodies and his lyrics still pack a punch; yet it allows the emphasis of this song to be one of musical rather than lyrical progression. 

The result of this lyrical/melodic symbiosis is the kind of song that you can wake up to/work out to/chill out to/rave to. A rare versatile gem.

Most importantly, 'On The Lam' identifies Kele as 'Bloc Party frontman' but as a worthy solo artist in his own right.

Upcoming Tour Dates

15 - Institute Library, Birmingham 
16 - Arches, Glasgow 
18 - Ritz, Manchester 
19 - Electric Ballroom, London 
20 - Motion, Bristol 

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