Thursday, 21 October 2010

Listening to... 'SHOW ME THE LIGHT' - Mystery Jets

Offically released a couple weeks ago and also on their third album,'Serotonin', which came out back in July, this song still puts a smile on face. And quite a big one. In an age of dying indie guitar music, it's good to see a decent alternative band finally back at the top of my playlist. I even dug out my five-year old tatty beer-stained converse hi-tops this week. Hell It's almost like the good old days! (See I pretty much stopped buying NME in 2006. Along with everyone else, no?)

Mystery Jets

But the new single is not quite 'Half in Love With Elizabeth' (Mystery Jets circa. 2006). In theory, 'Show Me the Light's innovative combination of old-skool bassline (enter Madonna's Vogue), mod-synth (Friendly Fires-esque), indie riffs (i'm hearing KOL) and acoustic ballad-ing (echoes Mumford) shouldn't work. In theory. However in reality it does. The result of this more ambitious musical fusion, here and elsewhere on the album, that goes some way to update their retro, previously predictable sound.

That said, 'Show Me the Light' is still unmistakably Mystery Jets. Or rather, Mystery Jets for 2010. Inventive, yes, but still identifiable by it's distinct 80s pop tempo and yearning lyrics.  
Overall the single is an adequate reflection of the album 'Serotonin' itself. It goes some way to keep with the trademark nostalgic and witty undertones previous fans already know and love... yet by simultaneously infusing a hint of upbeat novelty and new relevance, 'Show Me the Light's smiley melodies may well earn 'Serotonin' more than a few new advocates. Who's on board?


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