Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Palladium x Major Lazer: Music Video

Woah. Brand/artist collaborations are nothing of a novelty. In fact, they've become so normalised of late cluttering our streetwear blogs' every page that we're all too often numb to the effort or lack of that may have come from yet another 'exclusive' partnership.

No chance of that happening here though. Take an iconic boot brand (step up Palladium) and one of your favourite DJ collectives (Major Lazer, tick). Present a new track offering tasty tropical beats and high calibre guests in the form of Ms Dynamite and Laidback Luke (phew). Throw in a sh*tload of fluorescent paint, black light and some bangin' Palladium boots, and what have you got?

'Sweat' - an unmissable Palladium x Major Lazer hook-up, that is certifiably worthy of your attention. Hurrah! This Palladium x Major Lazer track is set to be a winter stormer, so grab some laces and a pair of Palladium's and get yourself ready for the most colourful party season yet.

Palladium boots available at Surfdome.

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