Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Time to disco

I’m a Nixon watch fan at heart at always have been. Until I saw these the latest from Tokyo flash that is...Hmm. It’s like age-old debate with those comfortable, old and insanely shabby grey pants residing in your underwear drawer - you don't want them any more but you just can't let go. In this case though temptation may have just one, and perhaps it is time to man up and the ditch my trusty, grubby old 'playschool-esque' Nixon for what can only be described as the next gen of wrist bling.

Apparently no styles use the same method to tell the time, so it’s a pretty unique timepiece. Touch screen, LCD, binary code and a breathalyzer if you're lucky - the result is pretty sick if you like your Tron or your techno. I say ditch the Tuesday night soundsystem and take me to the disco.

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